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When you think of your home's curb appeal, you probably think of facades, sidings, even landscaping. But your driveway is an essential part of your home's appearance. For many homes the driveway is just a throwaway, but at Cross Creek Contracting LLC we incorporate your driveway into your home's appearance with custom pouring.


- Driveways

   - Circular

   - Traditional

- Sidewalks

- Patios

- And more

We're happy to take on any hardscaping elements around your home or business.

Your driveway doesn't have to be a bland expanse of blacktop or asphalt. We design driveways of any shape or size. Is your home on a busy street? We'll make you a circular driveway so you'll never have to back out into traffic again.

Work with the concrete experts


What we make

Complete concrete service

We're proud to be a one stop shop for your entire home's contracting and improvement needs. We not only do interior work such as remodeling and new home construction, but we handle exterior elements too, including driveways and fencing.

Work for your home, inside and out